Hi! :) Thanks a bunch for your interest in getting tattooed! Here's some info to help ya decide if we'd be a good fit : 
If you are looking for a custom design, unfortunately I am not your guy! I work fairly strictly from my flash book, though I’m open to making minor adjustments, and occasionally “Frankenstein-ing” elements of different pieces to make a new one. 
Sizing is always adjustable. I promise to give you my professional opinion without any pressure to go bigger or smaller. 
I am currently tattooing in black and grey only. I apologize for any let down there! 
You’re not required to settle on a design or a placement beforehand. I often find it fun to play “dress up” with a few designs in the book and see which one feels best for you day of. But of course, you’re welcome to come decided. 
I will send out an updated link to a flash collection a couple days before your scheduled appointment. In the meantime, you can see a portion of what will be available in my instagram flash highlights. I do repeat designs - so no sweat if you’ve seen something you might want posted. I keep designs around until I get bored - so if it's in the link or highlights, I’m excited to do it! 
My minimum charge is $200. My hourly beyond that is $200/hr. I require a $50 deposit to book that will go towards the total cost of the appointment. My designs rarely exceed 3 hours, and are most often completed in 1-2. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you'd like to stay within a certain budget - we can surely make something nice happen within it.
If for any reason you’d like to reschedule an appointment after booking, I will need to know at least 48 hours in advance in order to transfer your deposit to another day, but truly - no stress if you need to cancel for any reason at all. Even waking up day of and deciding you just don't feel like getting tattooed is a perfectly valid reason to cancel. I only ask for notification, and am always happy to reschedule ya as long as I get that :) 

 If you’d like to go ahead with booking a tattoo, or have any questions/concerns, you can email me via the "contact" page of my website.