GREETINGS :) and thanks for your interest in getting tattooed. Please note right away that I only work from my flash book and do not take custom design requests. I allot time at the start of each appointment for clients to flip through the book and settle on a design. There is no digital link for this. I like to keep things a bit more light hearted and spontaneous this way. If this process sounds uncomfortable for you, I 100% understand, but also would suggest you find another artist to work with. The physical binder has 100+ designs to choose from - some you can find in my instagram "highlights". The binder may vary slightly from what you see on instagram. If you have your heart set on a design you've seen me post, please let me know beforehand in your booking inquiry, as sometimes designs get retired and replaced with new drawings. I do this in order to keep things fresh and evolving! :) 

The pieces in my book generally range between $150 and $400 depending on sizing, placement, and whether or not they are colored/shaded.  My set rate is $150 an hour, with a one hour minimum payment. Black work pieces usually take less time than color. You might expect $150 - $350 for a palm sized blackwork piece, and $200 - $450 for the same size piece in color. I do prioritize bookings for folks who are seeking palm sized pieces or larger with shading and/or color, as that's the type of work I'm most interested in making. If you are looking for a very small fine-lined piece with no shading, I'm likely not the best fit for ya! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re looking to work within a specific budget and I will do my very best to accommodate. I’m grateful to have anyone spend any money at all on tattoos. (Thank you!!)

  I do ask for a $50 deposit via venmo or paypal to book an appointment. That amount goes toward the total cost of the tattoo day of. 

If for any reason you’d like to reschedule your appointment, I will need to know at least 48 hours in advance in order to transfer your deposit to another day, but truly - no stress if you need to cancel for any reason at all. Even waking up day of and deciding you just don't feel like getting tattooed is a perfectly valid reason to cancel. I only ask for notification, and am always happy to reschedule ya as long as I get that :) 

 If you’d like to go ahead with booking a tattoo, or have any questions/concerns, you can email me via the "contact" tab on my website, or at Please note which days/times from the list below might work for you.





(address given upon booking) 

Saturday November 26th - full

Sunday November 27th -  full

Monday December 12th - full

Tuesday December 13th - full

Wednesday December 14th - 1:30pm

Friday December 16th - 12pm

Saturday December 17th - full

Sunday December 18th - full 

Monday December 19th - full