Tattoo Info

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General Booking Info

for Seattle, Wa

Please read through the details below before inquiring about booking :) 

Thank you!!

  • I work fairly strictly from my flash book, with flexibility for freehand work drawn directly on the skin. (often done with floral designs) I do not take custom design requests. There are 100+ designs to choose from in my flash book. I allot time at the beginning of each appointment for clients to look through the book and settle on a piece or two they'd like to get.
  • There is no way to view the book of designs in advance, though looking through my instagram can give you an idea of what will be in there :) I like to keep some spontaneity in the process this way. There will likely be many options you haven't seen on the interwebs yet!
  •  Feel free to inquire about a design you've already seen posted. I do repeat designs until I get bored with them - I can't guarantee they will still be available when you come in - but sometimes I can pull something out of the archives for ya! 
  • I charge $250 per appointment, which gives us about 2 hours of work time outside of the time it takes to settle on a design. Some people only want one piece and might not use up the whole slot, some folks want 2 smaller guys or 1 larger scale piece and use up all the time. :) I'm happy to do whatever you're feeling up for within that window, but it will be $250 either which way. I ask for a $50 non-refundable deposit to book via venmo or paypal, which does go towards the $250 total. The remaining $200 owed the day of the appointment will need to be made in cash, please! <3
  • If for any reason you need to reschedule, I will need to know at least 48 hours in advance in order to transfer your deposit to another day. 
If everything checks out alright for ya, feel free to email me via the "contact" tab on my website here with any dates/times that might work for you from the list below! :) & please don't hesitate to ask any questions at all that might come up! 
check back in late October for more dates!